Exclusive Member

Exclusive Card

Exclusive Card

List of benefits

  1. 40% discount on room fees
  2. 20% discount on food, medical and nursing service fees (IPD only), and ambulance service fees (excluding medical and nursing fees)
  3. 10% discount on the operating room, medication and intravenous nutrition, and medical supplies
  4. 10% discount on the diagnosis of medical technology (only examination in the hospital)
  5. 10% discount on diagnostic radiology (only examination in the hospital)
  6. 10% discount on physical therapy
  7. 10% discount on dental fees, filling, scaling, extraction (excluding dentist fees)
  8. 20% discount on ICU and CCU rooms
  9. 20% discount on acupuncture clinic from a normal price
  10. 10% discount on medicines, cosmeceuticals under i-SKY, laser procedures of all kinds of one-time treatments, slimming treatments, and a one-time facial treatment from a normal price
  11. Free dental health check twice a year
  12. Free 1-time retainer for orthodontic service and iTero scanning for Vivera and Invisalign retainers

Additional benefits

  1. Health check-up 7 items (seeing a doctor, blood pressure, weight, and height measurements, including CBC, FBS, Chol, SGTP, HBsAg, and Tg, totaling 1,790 baht for free
  2. Consult a physical therapist and ultrasound or electrical stimulation or muscle massage totaling 500 baht for free 1 time
  3. Screen for diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, and pterygium for a special price of 500 baht (from 1,000 baht)
  4. Consult a doctor, including acupuncture and pulse diagnosis for free
  5. 20% discount on acupuncture treatment (from a normal price)

Terms and conditions

  1. Please show your membership card before receiving the service every time.
  2. Individual members receive discounts only for those whose names appear on the card.
  3. Family members receive discounts only for those whose names are given as evidence at the hospital on the date of application only.
  4. The hospital reserves the right to change the terms without prior notice
  5. In case the card is lost or a new card is applied, the hospital will charge a fee of 100 baht for issuing the card.
  6. Benefits received cannot be eligible for exchange or cash back.
  7. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotional items and cannot be used retrospectively.
  8. The membership card is valid for the period specified on the card.
  9. This membership card is used for a discount “only for medical expenses” of all types of insurance.
Note: This membership card does not include hemodialysis services and some services of alternative dentistry at Laser i-SKY (conditions for exercising rights are as specified by the hospital).