Social Activity

Vichaivej International Hospital Nongkhaem is committed to conducting business showing responsibility and giving back to society as an organization that provides quality medical and public health services to the public in accordance with international standards along with sustainable business operations.

The activities included 4 projects under the Heart Charity Project with the objective of creating value back to society in various forms and for Thai people to have good physical and mental health, thus encouraging all personnel in the organization to thoughtfully participate in social activities to create a culture of "sharing" and join forces to drive the organizational development and innovate society at the same time.

Heart Charity Project consists of the following:

  1. Thai Strong Heart Project is a heart health check-up activity to provide advice on health and body care in the community to encourage Thai people to take care of their own health as well as to promote and improve the quality of life of people in the community since we believe that good health is the foundation of a good quality of life.
  2. Emergency Life Rescue Project is a free basic life rescue training program for the general public so that participants can save the lives of people in emergency situations or become "volunteers" in saving human beings from disability or life-threatening before being brought to the hospital.
  3. Thai Athlete Promotion Project is to support the potential of Thai athletes to international excellence by checking the health of athletes to prepare them before the competition and give advice on health care. The continual potential development for the competition would bring pride to the Thai people throughout the country.
  4. Happiness Sharing Project is to create an organizational culture of "volunteer spirit" for everyone to be a part of sharing and a giver through small things to create a smile and happiness for the underprivileged since we believe that smiles by helping each other in the community would be another pride and the driving force for the Vichaivej personnel to do good deeds to give back to society forever constantly.

For all activities, cooperation from staff, personnel, and service users of the hospital, including organizations, and educational institutions in the community has been well received, enabling us to benefit people and the community in a concrete way. Therefore, Vichaivej International Hospital Nongkhaem is determined to carry out activities for society continuously.