Business Overview

Vichaivej International Hospital Nongkhaem, one of the Vichaivej International Hospital Group, located on Petchkasem Rd., Nong Khaem, is a general hospital providing 118 beds to accommodate patients. Our intention is to promote Thai people's good health with alternatives for healthcare through our services, diagnosis, and treatment by a team of physicians, nurses, and specialists from all fields with modern equipment and ambulances ready to provide the service and the hospital is open 24 hours a day.

Since 1987, Vichaivej International Hospital Nongkhaem has been open for service provision and always improves the service including satisfaction and quality of effective medical care to gain the trust of Thai people as well as foreigners who used the services of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.


The business operations of Vichaivej International Hospital Nongkhaem prioritize the quality of service to patients and clients with a focus on specialized treatment and disease prevention under the slogan "V Care V Cure V Can" with the following missions:

  • Mission 1: To develop the Vichaivej International Hospital Group to be one of the leading private hospitals in all fields of medical treatment as a medical center for specific diseases, namely the cardiovascular center, the orthopedic center, the pediatric Center, the accident and emergency center and to develop the Group into the Tertiary Medical Care, including the development of personnel and medical equipment to treat complex diseases with effectiveness.
  • Mission 2: To enhance standards of quality service and prioritize customers based on the value that “customers are important and every employee must take care of them through medical treatment, health promotion, and various services from the hospital with quality according to professional standards, leading to the customer maximum satisfaction.”
  • Mission 3: To develop organizational management processes and appropriately manage human resources with importance to the employees of the company by elevating the quality of personnel and enhancing knowledge regularly as well as providing channels for exchanging opinions so that employees would have a sense of belonging and engagement to the hospital.
  • Mission 4: To develop systematic and continuous quality management through cooperation in work between the management team and the quality development team to set goals for improving the quality of medical treatment with an aim to assess and reduce risks in areas, such as drug administration, medical records, solving complaints, or nursing care to achieve the patient safety goal and satisfaction for the service users.
  • Mission 5: To seek opportunities for business expansion or additional product lines by increasing and developing specialized clinics into comprehensive specialized centers to expand the customer base in the country and abroad.
  • Mission 6: To prioritize social care and the community where the hospital is located by creating safety and good hygiene as well as continually protecting the environment in all factors.